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If you rent your home, it is very important the property looks presentable and that it has clear lines. It is very natural that you as the owner of a property, has a special relationship with the place, and therefore cannot always see the “small” places that need a loving hand, as you no longer pay close attention to this when oneday in the house. It is perhaps only small things, but it may make a little difference whether the customer chooses your or anyother property on the market.

Most of Capital Homes tenants have all been living in other countries, and has high demands for leases. You need to think of that Copenhagen is one of Europe’s most expensive cities to live in, so it is important that a home for rent appears in a good condition.


1. Clean up and make a extra good cleaning
Sort out among your furnitures and other personal items, to give a clean looking the home. It is very important that tenants will not be distracted by to many items in the house, as this can distract from the tenant’s desire and imagination for their own surrounding decor. It’s always great to have a personal touch to your home, but it can also be to much to the tenants if it is too strong.

2. Neutral and classic colors are always best
It will be a great advantage if the property is held in light neutral colours. Do you have a kitchen where there is an orange wall, I always recommend getting it painted in white. It’s great to have colours in your own home, but it is important that tenant have a chance to imagine their hopefully new home in neutral colours. It would be a shame that the tenant is scared of bright colors, if the property otherwise appear in a super condition.

3. Critical errors should be repaired
All serious errors should generally be renovated.Do you have a house where the tiles at the entrance is partially fallen off, it will be important to get this sorted before the showings, the small details that may indicate that the house is not well maintained, can be crucial to the tenant chooses another home. If there are major problems with, for example, windows, and heating systems, it can indicate that the house is not in a proper condition, which might not even be the case, and then the tenant choose to rent another property.

4. Try to make it cozy
It is important the property appears cozy. Potential tenants must have a feeling that hey could find themselves well in the property. A good trickis to remove everything on the table surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, just to make sure there are no towels, rags, wash racks, toothbrushes etc. It’s always good to have fresh flowers in the home, but it is not the first priority.The most important thing is that there is a clean and cozy feeling. It is important that the home do not smell of smoke or animals, as it may scare away potential tenants. 99 % of all tenants wants smoke-freehomes.

5. Ensure that the tenant can visualize the uniqueness of the property
If you have special highlights in your home, be sure it is visible. So for example if you have stunning fireplace, make sure it is easy to see and it looks clean and cozy, or do you have a good view of the sea, but do not really pay attention to the view that much longer yourself, remember still that it may be the point that makes the tenant choose your property. So make sure there is free view for these areas, if that is the main point of the house.

6. Last but not least, do not be in your home at the showing of your house/apartment
It is very important that the tenant is allowed to see the house without the landlord. It is important that the tenant may be allowed to be honest and use the extra time to imagine living in the home, without being afraid of hurting the landlord’s feelings. It is clear that all people have different opinions on a home and it is important the prospective tenant peace and quiet can create his own impression of the property.

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