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8 years experience in the rental industry

You are therefore assured of a realistic assessment of your property, as well as a serious and competent service.

Capital Homes has a wide network of companies, relocation agencies and embassies

You can therefore be sure that Capital Homes has direct contact to the ideal tenants for your property.

We rent all types of housing – unfurnished/furnished, short/long term rental

There are tenants for all types of rentals, and Capital Homes can help you find them.

You always decide whether you want the tenant Capital Homes has found for you

We therefore present all tenant details to you, so you are sure that you make a correct and objective decision. If you do not like the tenant we find for you, we will just help you to find another tenant.

We are experts in the rental market

It is extremely important that Capital Homes both appear competent and serious to handle the rental process professionally, to make sure your property is rented out as soon as possible, and to the right price.

Rental payments are made directly between the tenant and landlord

The rent will always be paid directly to the landlord.

No cure – no pay

No fees will be charged until Capital Homes has a found a suitable tenant.

We charge 8 % + VAT of the yearly rentalprice.

As something unique in the market, Capital Homes believes in presenting your property in the best possible way. We therefore have a co-operation with a photographer who will take lifestyle photos of your property. This is included in the fee for Capital Homes.