Having been in the Copenhagen real-estate market for many years, Capital Homes has partnerships with a few, select companies who can assist with all areas within the real-estate business.

Capital Homes can highly recommend co-operations partners for you in all aspects of the rental process.

Our legal partner Quistgaard Law Firm can advise on all legal aspects of buying, selling and renting out property.

Quistgaard Law Firm are located in Odense. Quistgaard Law Firm is started by Anders Quistgaard, who are highly competent, and not least in favor of providing a good solid job, right in line with Capital Homes standards.

Quistgaard Law Firm specializing in family law, inheritance, purchase and sale of real estate, litigation and general business law. Anders Quistgaard practices High Court, and also affiliated with University as a lecturer in civil procedure and commercial law. He is a columnist on Fyns Stiftstidende (Base Bolig), where he writes on topical issues for homeowners.

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